In Brooklyn – UK Top 50 Viral Tracks

We released ‘In Brooklyn’ as a single this week on Spotify.  The song has had some really lovely feedback and support from traditional and internet radio alike. The song came from a true story – so for me, that always gives the song the edge in terms of what it means to me. I’ve been gunning for ‘In Brooklyn’ to do good things – a bit like a parent shipping the kids off on the first day of school – hoping they make friends.

We’ve all had reason to smile this week though… as ‘In Brooklyn’ made it into the UK top 50 Viral Tracks. I was in Oslo with the team from Drabant when the news broke – smiles and celebrations all round.

Here’s me playing it live:-

Edison Gloriette – Clippings

As well as some lovely radio support, here are a few of the magazine and blog clippings we’ve had so far…

‘Jess Morgan’s songwriting pedigree shines through on Edison Gloriette.’ **** R2 Magazine

‘This girl could rock out hard, just as easily as she can keep it folk. Be sure to add this one to your collection’ – **** Maverick Magazine

‘All in all this album deserves to be Jess’s breakthrough. It’s by all turns troubling, moving and ultimately life-affirming; made with skill, passion and love.’ Shire Folk

‘[Edison Gloriette] demonstrates her poetic articulacy and expert melodic ability’
Country Music People

‘a really lovely voice singing and song-writing’ Ricky Ross, BBC Scotland

‘an enchantingly lovely peice of work.’ Hifi Magazine

‘a poignantly affecting album’ & ‘her storytelling is as fine tuned as ever’


Edison Gloriette – Playlisted

Following some terrific radio support from favourite BBC Scotland DJs – Ricky Ross, Roddy Hart and Iain Anderson – ‘Skate While You’re Skinny’ was playlisted on BBC Scotland this week!

We also got played out by Mark Radcliffe on the BBC Radio 2 Folk Show, and repeated support from Gideon Coe on BBC 6 Music. I’m also delighted that Ralph MacLean and Cherrie McIllwaine in Northern Ireland, Frank Hennessey in Wales and BBC stations in England have all played several tracks from the album.


Spotify playlists have grown in imporance significantly since I last made a record. I’m really pleased to see that tracks from this album are making it into playlists – bringing my music to new people who otherwise, might not have heard of me.

‘In The Woods’ is a dreamy contemporary folk playlist – featuring a track from me – but also from my good buddy and excellent singer-songwriter from Oslo, Siv Jakobsen.

‘New Music Friday – Sweden’ also chose ‘In Brooklyn’ on the day of it’s release for there huge playlist. Thank you Sweden.




Edison Gloriette – Released!

Hooray! My new record, Edison Gloriette is released today. For the first time, we go out with the support of Norwegian record label Drabant Music. I’m so pleased to be a part of a diverse family of music makers and shakers.

Listen here:

We even found the record today at Big Dipper Records in Oslo.

SHOP – order Edison Gloriette on CD, Digital and Special Edition ‘oxblood’ coloured vinyl LP



Edison Gloriette – Funded

Thanks to everyone who go involved with Pledge Music this year. Your generous pre-orders have meant I can make a plan for the release of this record that I’m very very proud of indeed. I can’t wait for you to hear it!

What’s more, I’m looking forward to getting busy and making all these special little extras you’ve ordered.

Let’s hope Norwich Post Office are ready for the 200+ individual parcels I’m getting ready to send!


‘Natalie’ – my single

It’s been an exciting month. I released ‘Natalie’ on May 27th while on tour for the first time as a three-piece unit – the Jess Morgan Trio, that’s with my Norwich homies Jose McGill and Noel Dashwood. This was all ever so fitting and handy since it’s the three of us who performed all the music you’ll hear on this particular record.

The Bluegrass Situation premiered the official music video –Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 16.22.28 which was animated by Alex Stanlake from an untidy bunch of sketches I sent him earlier this year.

So… here’s that video:

We got our first big play from Mr Gideon Coe on BBC 6 Music – who mentioned the home-made vinyl project I’d spent a year slaving over (Read about that here: He said my record had given his turntable a nervous breakdown! Sorry Gidders.

Then one of my favourite playlist curators Cherrie McIllwaine on BBC Ulster in Northern Ireland played the song and said she’ll “definitely be playing that again, for sure.”

Roddy Hart for BBC Scotland received his record in one piece too which he deemed “most spectacular of fashions…” and “a great commitment to the cause of being an independent musician.” He called the song a “lovely thing indeed,” and I’m always chuffed to get a play from Roddy. I think his show is fantastic and I always gleam a few new music tips from each episode.

Adam Walton for BBC Wales played the song and mentioned the 7″ and Noel’s dobro playing got some well deserved complimentary tweets from the show’s listeners! Adam wasn’t entirely convinced my welsh connection was sting enough for the programme – but was sweet enough to play the song anyway. Once Bethan (Calan) has taken me through the basics of trad. step dancing Adam – I’ll come and dance in the studio and see if we can’t change your mind. I’m dead proud of my roots, me.

Tin Can Review, The International Americana Music Show, The Horseshoe Lounge, A Quiet Revolution and many more shows that are available as podcasts that you’ll know genuinely love and respect… because I follow them on mix cloud.Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 16.37.36

Best yet… I sent my friend Chris T-T a copy of the song on the home-made 7″ where it met with a great deal of support. T-T said I’d “taken the vinyl revolution, hipster thing to the next level.” and himself embracing the whole mad scheme, played ‘Natalie’ all the way through from the record – on the studio turntable. That show went out on Juice FM Brighton… but Chris T-T’s “Midnight Campfire” can also be played again here:  Chris T-T’s Midnight Campfire // 25 May 2016 Chris T-T       

Next came a really important play from the BBC Radio2 Folk Show and one that so many friends, family and face-bookers were crossing fingers for…thank you. It was a hell of a shout-out from Mr Radcliffe – not just for the song but for the record that them at R2 thought it looked like a big piece of white chocolate! Here’s the link to that show:

Hot damn. Radio 2 called for a second time that week with a play from the fantastic Paul Sexton – sitting in as host for Bob Harris Sunday. He said “it brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘making a record’ … it does sound a bit like a recording from the very early days of the BBC, but Jess I will be sending you the bill for the use of a new stylus!” Oops. Sorry Paul.

So there we have it! What a loot.

I’m just really enjoying telling the story and playing this song live and even better with a little real-time delicate dobro in my left ear.




The Bournemouth EP – Winner of Best EP / Mini Album!


UPDATE… we won! 🙂


Thanks FATEA Magazine for shortlisting The Bournemouth EP for EP of the year 2015. Results come out on January 8th – so fingers are crossed for a win but really it is just such a pleasure to be nominated again.

Single/EP/Mini Album Of The Year 2015
The Bournemouth EP – Jess Morgan
The White Witch – Heg And The Wolf Chorus
Watch The Water EP – Oh Sister


In other sweet news:

The Bournemouth EP was included in the ‘best of 2015’ from Tin Can Review –  our well loved Americana blog and radio show and a real favourite of mine from right here in the UK.

and voted ‘Best EP’ by Laurel Canyon Music’s blog – we (Jess Morgan Trio) look forward to seeing you in London in May!

First look… German tour dates for November 2015

12032432_10156190861220724_1175153614_n JMRCsq

Germany how I love thee – let me count the ways… or rather the days. Yes sir, there are a lot of tour dates coming up so if you want to catch me in Germany – nows the chance.

First up, I’m very proud to say I’ll be supporting the lovely Paper Aeroplanes as they bring their fantastic new LP ‘Joy’ to Germany  at some killer dates starting November 10th. Then I team up with Swiss singer-songwriter Ramon Clau for our co-headline tour celebrating the release of The Bournemouth EP in Germany – something I’ve been excited about for months.

All the dates have links to GET TICKETS – so be sure to check out my tour dates page for details.

and don’t forget to tell your friends too!