First look… German tour dates for November 2015

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Germany how I love thee – let me count the ways… or rather the days. Yes sir, there are a lot of tour dates coming up so if you want to catch me in Germany – nows the chance.

First up, I’m very proud to say I’ll be supporting the lovely Paper Aeroplanes as they bring their fantastic new LP ‘Joy’ to Germany  at some killer dates starting November 10th. Then I team up with Swiss singer-songwriter Ramon Clau for our co-headline tour celebrating the release of The Bournemouth EP in Germany – something I’ve been excited about for months.

All the dates have links to GET TICKETS – so be sure to check out my tour dates page for details.

and don’t forget to tell your friends too!


2 thoughts on “First look… German tour dates for November 2015

  1. Thanks for your performance with (and without) Keith Donnelly at the Madow last night.
    I wrote an e-mail to the organiser of Bedworth FF, sugesting that you are booked there. I have stewarded there for many years and hope to do so for several more. Looking at your booking schedule, I now realise that you will be in sunny Germany at the end of November, while we will be shivering in cold England. Perhaps 2016?
    Point of Information: why is some part of Europe refered to as “High Germany”? – the modern State of Germany has mountains and plains but the references seem to be to a geograpfical area rather than to elevated combat zones.
    Why is * Joni Mitchell. marked as a “Required field”?

    Keep following me in 2016,


    1. Hi John
      Its meant as a footnote type thing… ‘morning morgan town – buy your dreams a dollar down’ from the top of the page is borrowed from the fabulous Ms Mitchell. Thanks for all the enthusiasm and support, much much appreciated.
      Terrific to see you again

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